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Canada Day

Part of the annual tribute to Canada's national holiday - July 1, Canada Day. Canada was formed on July 1 1867. These articles first appeared as part of a tribute to Canada Day from the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. Enjoy these wonderful stories celebrating our great country, Canada. George Torok is a world traveler and a very proud Canadian.
  1. How to Recognize a Canadian (171 words)
    Ten Amusing ways to identify Canadians in a crowded room.

  2. My Favourite Places in Canada (338 words)
    Ten favaourite places of George Torok in Canada

  3. The Yukon Spirit (462 words)
    A look at how the unique weather, culture and geography of the Yukon helps to nurture entrepreneurs.

  4. Open Sesame, I'm from Canada (354 words)
    A first person example of how proclaiming 'I am Canadian' opened doors for a Canadian business person visiting Washington, DC.

  5. In Canada We Have Freedom (557 words)
    A young Canadian's personal account of his first real appreciation of freedom from behind the Iron Curtain in 1975.

  6. Ten Favourite Canadian Whines (126 words)
    Top Ten list of amusing Canadian complaints

  7. Proud Canadians (755 words)
    It's funny that by leaving the country I met many diverse Canadians and learned more about Canada. I visited more than 20 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Pacific. Each time I met with a Canadian there was an instant connection, which often led to trust and friendship.

George Torok is a Canadian Motivational Speaker.
Canada Day articles from Canadian business speaker, George Torok

Canadian motivational speaker on Canada Day

Canada Day articles from Canadian motivational speaker George Torok

Canada day articles, Yukon Quest from George torok