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Creativity & Creative Problem Solving

The creative problem solving process. Discover creativity tools and find examples of creativity and innovation. Most importantly learn how creativity and creative problem solving are skills that that can be learned, taught and nourished. Be more creative and innovative. Read these articles about creative problem solving.
  1. Published October 16, 2010 Einstein Inspires Creative Thinking (729 words)
    Would you like to be a creative thinker like Albert Einstein? You might not be an Einstein but you can use his thinking techniques in your creative problem solving. Enjoy the following quotes from Einstein and my thoughts on each.

  2. Published October 11, 2010 Creative Problem Solving: Six Key Principles to Better Solutions (584 words)
    How can you be more effective at creative problem solving? Use these six key principles of creative problem solving. Avoid the common mistakes that are made when attempting to solve problems. Instead understand these six principles and you can find more productive and innovative solutions to the problems that challenge you.

  3. Published October 11, 2010 Creativity: Six Doors to Creative Thinking (637 words)
    You can be more creative when you want. You don’t need to be naturally talented at creative thinking. You can learn the techniques and improve your thinking skills. It starts by understanding the key principles of creativity. It’s not a contest. Creative thinking is simply a method of thinking that you can enhance. Ready? Use these six principles to open more doors to your creative thinking advantage.

  4. Published September 27, 2010 But We’ve Always Done it This Way: Top Ten List (564 words)
    What does that really mean? While you bite your tongue or fume at that response consider this Top Ten List of the Real Meanings of “But we’ve always done it this way”.

  5. Bill Gates’ Secret Weapon: Stop to Think (301 words)
    Bill Gates stops to think at least twice a year. Bill escapes to his wilderness lodge every six months for one week. It is during these times that he develops strategy for Microsoft. It was one of these thinking sessions that helped him to move his company to embrace the Internet and the related opportunities.

  6. Creative Problem Solving (639 words)
    Got problems? Want to learn to love them? Solving problems can be fun and very rewarding. Creative problem solving is the skill most needed through the next years. Use this skill in your private life, your career, your business and your community. Follow the five steps that point to that direction and encourage the juices of creativity to flow.

  7. Creative Problem Solving (1065 words)
    Creative problem solving is the skill most needed for individuals and business to survive and grow. It's the gateway to new markets, products and methods. Creative problem solving is more skill then talent. Skills can be learned, enhanced and transferred. Follow these five steps to transform problems into opportunities.

  8. Creative Problem Solving (571 words)
    "Just the facts - nothing but the facts." Make no judgement at this point. You may think you know the problem. The urge to jump to a quick solution is overwhelming - but don't be fooled by a quick and easy solution just to make it go away. Ask questions to collect facts without prejudging.

  9. Don't Ignore the Nudges (901 words)
    There are two types of problems, acute and chronic, with two distinct warnings signs and different methods of solving them. You need to be aware of both and how to deal with them. You may already know about the first type. But knowing how to identify and solve the second type will provide greater benefit for you and your organization.

  10. The Life Cycle of Rules (165 words)
    Look at the life cycle of rules, why they exist and how you can use them as tools not barriers. One of the first rules of creativity is to identify the rules that hold you back.

  11. SCAMPER - seven tools to being creative (536 words)
    This is a powerful tool that you can use to generate creative solutions.

  12. Albert Einstein on creative thinking (92 words)
    Collection of quotes from Einstein on creative thinking. Einstein was a creative thinker. He asked good questions.

  13. Mistakes (140 words)
    Collection of quotes on creative approaches to mistakes. Creativity grows when there is a positive approach to mistakes.

  14. Quotes on Perspective from Woody Allen (92 words)
    Woody Allen helps you reconsider your perspective.

Enjoy these articles about creativity and creative problem solving. If you want to be more creative in your approach to problems and challenges, contact George Torok to show you how to use the Creative Problem Solving process to find and implement more innovative solutions.


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