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Customer Service

Customers - where would any business be without them? Why do so many businesses abuse their greatest asset? Get more from your customers.

  1. Published December 13, 2011Customer Disservice: Have a Nice Day (557 words)
    Thatís what the cashier said to me at the end of my purchase. "Have a Nice Day."

    I said nothing back. Why? Because I felt that her statement was insincere. From what I saw, her well-meaning statement was delivered because the company instructed her to deliver it at the end of every transaction. She really didnít mean it and she didnít understand why she was saying it.

  2. Montfort Grill House Coupon Flop: Restaurant Review (826 words)
    We presented the coupon before we ordered just to be sure that there were no surprises. The waitress baulked at the coupon. I asked for the manager. Then the owner showed up and said, ďCan I help you?Ē Curious that he didnít smile, greet us, give his name or indentify himself. Just that play dumb line, ďCan I help you?Ē I asked if he was the manager and he answered that he was the owner. He didnít sound happy about it.

  3. Apparently You, The Customer, Are The Problem (506 words)
    "I donít know what is going on. I was supposed to leave an hour and a half ago."

    That was the first thing that our waitress said when she arrived at our table. We had arrived more than five minutes ago and quickly decided on our usuals. This was one of our regular restaurant chains. We had not been to this location before. We were on the way home after a long drive. We were looking forward to enjoy our usual, quick service and then back onto the highway for the final leg home.

  4. Customer Service Sucker Punch: How Can I Help You? (789 words)
    Have you noticed that this phrase does not often mean what the average person might think it means.

    It's a deception, a feint, a sucker punch phrase wielded by customer service managers.

  5. Secrets from David Copperfield (1088 words)
    David Cooperfield Ė live in Las Vegas, at the MGM Grand! You might be fascinated to know what I discovered behind the curtain. I was lucky enough to assist him with one segment of his show. Of course I was sworn to secrecy and cannot reveal the magic behind that trick. Watching a master at work inspired me to do more than just watch Ė to observe and learn. I can reveal to you the secrets of David Copperfield that you can apply in your business.

  6. There Must be 50 Ways to Leave Your Customer (1015 words)
    There must be more than 50 ways to leave your lover - and to lose your customers. The easiest way to keep your customers happy is to think like them. Discover what is important to them. Ask them and listen. Be a customer of your business. Fall in love all over again - with your business and your customers.

  7. Revolting Customer Service Awards (622 words)
    You probably have your own horror stories of bad customer service. Here are my nominations for Revolting Customer Service Awards