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What questions do you have about entrepreneurship? What makes an entrepreneur tick? After working with and interviewing hundreds of entrepreneurs, author George Torok offers his insights into entrepreneurship and the mind of entrepreneurs. Enjoy these articles.
  1. Published April 3, 2013Professional Service Provider: Pump up Your Self-Esteem (677 words)
    Although self esteem is important to all entrepreneurs, it’s more critical to professional service providers because the value you are selling is based on your skills, abilities and flaws

    Alan Weiss delivered a full day workshop to a group of professional service providers – consultants, coaches, advisers, trainers and professional speakers. Weiss is a successful independent consultant. He earns a seven figure income from his home with no staff. He is the author of “Million Dollar Consulting” along with at least 40 other books.

  2. The Business Transition Crisis - Book Review (667 words)
    This book is a must read for entrepreneurs and business owners who are thinking about their succession plan or drafting an exit strategy. Every business owner must plan for that transition. Unfortunately not everyone does. If you don’t plan your business transition someone else will make the decisions for you.

  3. Movies for Entpreneurs (513 words)
    Entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs should watch movies. Some movies are better than others. Some movies are made for entrepreneurs. Here are movies that entrepreneurs can enjoy and learn from.

  4. Cool Hand Luke - Cool is not enough (749 words)
    I watched Cool Hand Luke on TV the other night. It is an old movie (1967) staring Paul Newman in the lead role along with George Kennedy. There is an assortment of other actors who I recognized more by their voices than their very young faces - including Wayne Rogers from the MASH TV series, and Dennis Hopper.

    The story is set in 1948 at a Southern US chain-gang prison. It lives up to the label of a classic movie - enjoyable to watch and full of powerful messages.

  5. The Advertising Scam: New Entrepreneurs Beware! (802 words)
    The purpose was to sell a very specific order of advertising - pens with my company name - no choices, just take it or leave it. The order cost was between $200 and $300. I don't remember how many pens. She did not try to allow me the details to make an educated buying decision.

  6. The Yukon Spirit: Nurturing Entrepreneurs (462 words)
    What defines the entrepreneurial spirit? Drive, focus, innovation, can-do attitude, self-determination and the desire to be different. What creates the entrepreneurial spirit? Are you born with it or is it determined by your environment? I believe it is both. The environment can help to nurture the spirit within you. The perfect environment to nurture that spirit is the Yukon Territory of Canada.

  7. What Makes an Entrepreneur? (529 words)
    The fastest growing area of the economy, risk takers and wealth generators, these strange people - what makes them tick? Why do entrepreneurs take risks, endure pain, fatigue, and embarrassment? What makes them run? Is it money, fame, rock and roll or sex? None of the above!

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