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George Torok is a prolific writer and has written on many topics.You will notice that true to his speaking, training and consulting expertise that the vast number of articles is on marketing and presentations. A sampling of his articles is included here for your pleasure, information and free resource.

In addition to these articles George Torok is a columnist for a few publications. If you are interested in George becoming a columnist for your publication contact him by email with the details about your market, distribution, publication frequency and all other pertinent information.

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Do you like George Torok's writing style? If you would like to commission him to write something special for your publication then contact him directly at 905-335-1997 or

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Articles by George Torok are published around the world. Here is a sampling of publications.

ACCA Canadian Newsletter
Biz Magazine
Burlington Chamber Review
Burlington Post
Business Niagara
Business Sense
Business Venture
Canadian Manager
Canadian Toy Association Insider
CAQ Contact
Chapter 290 LGMABC
CSAE Forum
Ecolutions Environmental Magazine
Executive Travel
Financial Post
Globe & Mail
Graphic Arts
GTA Business Journal
Halton Business Times
Halton Hills Chamber News
Hamilton Spectator
Home Business Report
IN Review
McMaster Times
Modern Purchasing
National Post
Ontario Business Journal
PMAC BC Point of View
Professional Administrator
Progressive Purchasing
Report on Business
Small Business Canada
So to Speak
SOHO Business Report
Source Magazine
Speaking of Impact
Stepping Ahead
Success Weekly
TempNET News
Texas Realtor Magazine
The Business Executive
The Business Link
The Canadain Learning Journal
The Futurist
The Independent
The Journal
The Monitor
The Source
The Toastmaster
The Trade Journal
The Trade Street Journal
Toronto Star
Workplace Today
Young Entrepreneurs Association Spirit