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Where do leaders come from and how can you find the leader in you? Enjoy these articles about leadership that illustrate self leadership. Because before you can lead anyone else you must first lead yourself. The difficult part is in leading yourself. Anyone can tell others how they should do things. Leadership by example is the real proof of leadership.

  1. Published September 1, 2011Superman is a Lousy Role Model (760 words)
    If you had to pick a superhero as a role model who would you choose?

    If you chose Superman you might be setting yourself up for failure and tremendous disappointment.

  2. On balance, success seems to demand excess (366 words)
    The Olympic Games are a shining example of individuals who pursue incredible challenges at great sacrifice. The lesson is if you want to win, you need to sacrifice.

    If you are leading a “balanced” life, you are destined to be a loser. Why? Because those who succeed in any field are unbalanced.

  3. Mastermind Group Mistakes (752 words)
    I was recently invited to become part of a mastermind group. It's not the first time but this one was the quickest disaster. One meeting and it burst into pieces. There are several lessons in that disaster from which you can learn when forming your own mastermind group. We should learn from our own pain and especially from the pain of others.

  4. Motivational speaker: Boxing Legend George Foreman (857 words)
    When he was a boy his sister taunted him, “You’ll never be anything.” He skipped classes and slept during the day. But that taunt hurt him. It angered him. It awakened the fighting spirit within him. He wanted to change but he didn’t know how.

    George Foreman became heavy weight boxing champion of the world. Today he is a preacher, entrepreneur and the spokesperson for the George Foreman Grill with over 1 million units sold. And yes a motivational speaker.

    I had the opportunity to see George Foreman speak at a Learning Annex event in Toronto. What could George Foreman, a former boxer, say that might motivate you?

  5. Who Wants a Mentor? (719 words)
    Who Wants a Mentor?
    Discover the answers to these seven questions about mentoring.
    What is mentoring about?
    Why have a mentor?
    How else might a mentor help you in business?
    Why would someone mentor you?
    How can you find a mentor?
    What mistakes should you avoid?

  6. Super Hero in Waiting (467 words)
    Who are your heroes? And Why?

    Superman is one of my heroes. Not because of his super powers – but in spite of it. Think about it – if you had that kind of power – would you worry about right and wrong – all the time. Or would you allow yourself some poetic license? Superman could steal anything he wants. He could kidnap anyone he wants. He could harm or threaten any one he wants. He has the power to do these things – but he chooses not to.

  7. Your new teachers - Comic book heroes. Sweet! (1024 words)
    Comic book heroes are good teachers because the learning points are in what they do. The double pay-off is that you can enjoy the fantasy and anchor the learning point. Enjoy these lessons that I learned from comic book heroes. This article is ideal for teenagers, parents of teenagers and comic book fans.

  8. The Mystery of Mastery Unveiled (1264 words)
    George Torok talks to the masters to unveil some of the mystery of mastery.

  9. Leadership Quotations (317 words)
    A collection of Leadership Quotations compiled by George Torok.

  10. Change What You Do (654 words)
    If you always do what you've always done you'll always get what you've always gotten. The rule for the future is change what you are doing - to capture new markets, growth and profit.

  11. Leaders Invent Themselves (601 words)
    The big myth is that leaders are born. The reality is Leaders Invent Themselves. Leaders possess the core virtues within themselves. Although leaders often possess management and leadership skills, true leadership comes from within. Five key virtues make up the heart of leadership ? Vision; Integrity; Hunger; Risk and Passion.

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