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Get more results from your training investment. Treat your training dollar at an investment not an expense.
  1. Train Your Team in Las Vegas (255 words)
    Take your management or sales team to Vegas. Get a vacation and learn business lessons that are bigger than life.

    Why? If you believe in learning from the best then Las Vegas is the best for marketing, selling and customer service. This could be the best training program you have ever experienced.

  2. Learning Quotations (325 words)
    A collection of Training Quotations compiled by George Torok.

  3. How to get the biggest bang for your training buck (355 words)
    Before your people start the training help them focus on results. Tell them to look for the one thing that will help them make a significant difference. If they know what they are looking for they are more likely to find it.

  4. Training? Just ASK (476 words)
    Effective training should provide changes in attitude, skills and knowledge. Like three sides to a triangle - all must be present to form the triangle. The greatest obstacle to change is individuals' perceptions based on what they think they know. Remember when everyone knew that the earth was flat?
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