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Articles for the Professional Speaker

Enjoy these articles about the business of professional speaking by professional speakers George Torok and Peter Urs Bender.

George Torok is a charter member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, {CAPS}. Torok served on the national board of CAPS for three years. In addition he served on the board of the Toronto Chapter of CAPS, presented at national and chapter events and contributed several articles to the CAPS publications.

Peter Urs Bender is a recipient of the CAPS Speaker Hall of Fame designation and CAPS highest award, The Spirit of CAPS. Peter Urs Bender is a legend in the professional speaking business in Canada.

George Torok and Peter Urs Bender collaborated on the production of the bestselling book, Secrets of Power Marketing.

George Torok has published many articles for professional and non professional speakers. He has delivered many workshops and presentations for the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, National Speakers Association and Toastmasters International.

Introduction to Professional Speaking Business

10 Steps to Becoming a Professional Speaker
George Torok originally provided this article as additional reference, while presenting on "How to become a professional speaker", at the Toastmasters 68th Annual International Convention, Chicago Illinois, August 1999. It's been more than ten years and the tips are still relevant.

So You want to be a speaker
By Peter Urs Bender

It's the easiest business to get into -- and one of the toughest to stay in!
It's a profession in which perception is the reality. What people see and hear is what they get. You need to adjust and adapt to each audience until you are operating at maximum power-and that can take you a long time.

Professional Speaking

How the Best Speakers Get Better
An interview by George Torok with Peter Urs Bender about how to improve your speaking business.

Mystery of Mastery
Have you ever had a dream like this? You are chasing something, something important, but you're not sure what it is or what compels you. You are striding in slow motion, climbing over obstacles, anticipating and moving ever closer to the object of your quest. You almost reach the grail, but then you round a corner that leads to a dead end. Finally, you wake up.

This article features interviews with several masters of professional speaking and the secrets they reveal.

Stop Speaking, Shut up and Start Listening
Professional speakers sometimes believe that their job is to speak. Thatís only part of the value equation. The more important part is to listen more

Marketing Your Professional Speaking Business

1+1=New Product: The Fruit of Collaborating
Many of us work alone yet realize through participating in CAPS we don't have to make it entirely alone. We learn from each other, gain ideas and encouragement. Then why not collaborate to create product?

It can save time, add needed resources, (money, credibility & experience), and tap into that ol black magic - synergy. It worked for Rogers & Hammerstein, Simon & Schuster, Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hanson and Bender & Torok.

Use Radio to Promote Your Speaking Business
For speakers, radio is a natural medium for promoting yourself. The station should love to have you on, right? You are an expert on your subject, you can speak, you are entertaining, and you are not afraid of a microphone. So when it comes to other expert guests you have a big advantage. True. But you still must approach radio as one more prospective client. You must research, market, sell, deliver and follow-up

Snakes on a Plane
What's new in marketing? The principles of marketing are unchanged. Principles are more important that tools and tactics. What's important in marketing?

A powerful article about marketing in general and marketing your professional speaking business in particular.

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