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Professional associations for professional speakers, George Torok, Professional Speaker   We are each unique — even if we speak about the same topic

Associations for the Professional Speaker

Associations can be important to the professional speaker for two sides of the business. On the input side you can develop your presentation skills, topic expertise and business smarts. On the output side you might speak to association audiences for fee or to market your business.

Presentation Skills

Toastmasters International is an association that teaches public speaking skills. It is not about professional speaking although many professional speakers developed their presentation skills with Toastmasters, including me. If you have never been to Toastmasters I recommend that you visit and try it out. You might be surprised at how much they can help you. If you think you are outstanding - they might teach you to be humble. I suggest that you visit more than one club to find one that has the best fit for you.

Professional Speaking Associations

The Global Speakers Federation is the world body of professional speaking. When you join any one of the national professional speaking associations that are members of GSF you automatically become a member of the Global Speakers Federation.

If you are or want to be a professional speaker join your national association of professional speaking. Visit their websites. Attend the annual conventions, workshops and monthly meetings. This is the best way to develop your professional speaking business.

These associations are where you will meet and trade tips, ideas and inspiration with other professional speakers. You will be amazed at how much insider information members will share with you.

These associations are not booking agents. You will not get bookings from these associations. It is possible that other speakers might refer business to you - but only after they get to know and respect you.

There is an old expression, if you want to be successful, hang around successful people. Well if you want to be a professional speaker, hang around professional speakers.

Here are the national professional speaker associations that are currently members of GSF. Visit the one that is most appropriate for you.

The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers

National Speakers Association (USA)

National Speakers Association of Australia

National Speakers Association of New Zealand

Professional Speakers Association (UK)

Asia Speakers Association (Singapore)

Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers

National Speakers Association of Southern Africa

German Speakers Association

Professional Speakers Association Holland

Training Associations

The Canadian Society of Training and Development

The American Society of Training and Development

American Management Association

Canadian Management Centre

Meeting Industry Associations

Meeting Professionals International

American Society of Association Executives

Canadian Society of Association Executives

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This information was compiled for the benefit of beginning and emerging professional speakers. There might even be some gems for some established speakers. If you find this helpful share it with other speakers and send me a note.

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