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Become a better presenter

Speaking is a set of skills. Talent might get you started but talent alone will not build and sustain a successful speaking business. Those in any field who rely solely on talent fade quickly while many without talent thrive. Take Sylvester Stallone for example. Some would say he is not talented but none can argue about his success.

You build your presentation skills by understanding the principles, learning the methods, practicing the techniques and getting constructive feedback.

You can learn a lot for very little financial investment. Below are links to free presentation tips and articles.

I suggest that you read several books on communication and presentation skills. No one becomes an expert by reading one book. Also research specialized topics including voice, body language, story telling, humor and PowerPoint.

Listen to audio programs, watch videos and attend courses on presentation skills. I became enamored with presentation skills after I attended a two day class. I discovered two insights: I wasn't as good as I thought I was and I discovered a methodology of principles and techniques. That first insight was a wake-up call and the second insight opened a whole new world to me.

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Small Investment Option

Toastmasters International is the largest organization that provides presentation skills training. It offers an inexpensive option for presentation skills development. They operate in a club format and provide a peer coaching in a supportive environment. They follow a well structured system for learning the fundamentals of presentations. Toastmasters helped me a lot in the beginning. Visit to learn more and find clubs near you.

High value - High investment option

Speech Coach for Executives
Yes I coach individuals on presentation skills. I specialize in working with executives and professionals who deliver high value presentations. These are individuals who are willing to invest a few thousand dollars in private presentation coaching. They demand and receive a good return on their coaching investment.

If that's not you, that's okay. There are many other seminars and coaching programs that you can find within your price range. Challenge your presentation coach by asking him who coached him.

Over the years I have attended many workshops and worked with many presentation coaches. I gained value from every one. By the way - I continue to invest in my own presentation skills development. There is always some refining to do.

If you want to explore individual speech coaching with George Torok click here.

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