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More Resources for the Professional Speaker

Follow the links below that offer more tips, advice and ideas to grow your professional speaking business. Some of the resources below are free and some will require a financial investment. If you want to be a successful professional speaker you will need to invest in your business at some point. You can only do so much window shopping.

The Professional Speaking Business

SpeakerNet News is a free weekly email newsletter sent each Friday to more than 9,000 professional speakers, consultants, trainers, and authors. (This is an affiliate link.)

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When you subscribe to SpeakerNet News, you will receive a free copy of our special report "51 Best Marketing Tips from speakers, trainers, and consultants around the world," submitted by SpeakerNet News readers.

Professionally Speaking TV
A live one-hour weekly web TV show dedicated to showcasing the country's thought-leaders - anyone who uses the spoken word to effect change. The show is hosted by acclaimed consultant, author, and speaker Randall Craig. The first half of each show is focused on the guest's unique experience and background, and the second half of the show is focused on their message - and their impact.

Guests on the show range from political leaders, business leaders, best-selling authors, motivational speakers, media personalities, and sports and entertainment figures: people who have distinguished themselves in their careers, and have an important message for the audience.

Summit Consulting Group
Alan Weiss. Ph.D. is a highly professional speaker, author and consultant. His website offers powerful yet free business advice for speakers, consultants and entrepreneurs.

Think Outside the Slide
Dave Paradi is known as the expert on saving presenters (and audiences) from PowerPoint disaster. Visit his site for practical tips on how to improve the effectiveness of your PowerPoint presentations. Be sure to view his free slide makeovers on the Dave Paradi YouTube Channel.

Speaker Launcher
Jane Atkinson helps professional speakers increase their fees and get more business. She is the author of "The Wealthy Speaker". She is very sharp and savvy about the professional speaking business. She offers a free newsletter.

Public Relations and Media Promotion

The Publicity Hound
Joan Stewart, a former journalist offers ideas, methods and tips to grab media attention. (This is an afflialiate link.)

PR/PR Public Relations
Pam Lontos is a public relations expert who specializes in working with professional speakers, authors and consultants. She helps you get media publicity. She is author of the book, "I See Your Name Everywhere". Read the free articles and subscribe to her free newsletter.

PR Leads
Dan Janal provides a service that connects you directly with journalists seeking experts for interviews. Be quoted in the media to enhance your credibility.

HARO - Help a Reporter Out
HARO offers a free service that lists the stories that journalists are writing and the topics that they are researching. If you can help them with your expertise you can get publicity.

Writing, Publishing and Promoting Your Book

Dan Poynter is known as the self-publishing guru. I believe that he can answer any question that you might have about writing and publishing your book. There are many helpful resources on his website.

Book Marketing
John Kremer is author of "1001 ways to market your book". This is the bible of book marketing. If you plan to write a book - you must first read this book. Yes, you need to know how to market your book before you write it. There is a ton of valuable free resources on this website.

Other Professional Speakers

Google "professional speakers", "motivational speakers", "keynote speakers", "trainers", "seminar instructors" or other variations and you will find many websites to visit. Below are some professional speakers that I think are worth watching and learning from.

Not all professional speakers are motivational keynote speakers. They just tend to be better known than trainers and facilitators. The list below includes keynoters, trainers and facilitators. Click their names to visit their websites.

Tony Robbins Roxanne Emmerich Jim Clemmer
Zig Ziggler Nido Qubein Brian Tracy
Patricia Fripp Kit Grant Randy Gage
Jeffrey Gitomer Joe Calloway Nina Spencer
Warren Evans Donald Cooper Linda Edgecomb
Curt Skene Susan Sweeney Valerie Cade
Kelley Robertson Colleen Frances Dave Kemp
Toni Newman Marc Andre Morel Patrick Leroux

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