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Creativity Insights from George Torok

Enjoy these pithy creativity insights from George Torok. Use the ideas that resonate well with you. If you reprint these insights or quote them - be sure to credit George Torok as your source.

George Torok is a creativity genie who simplifies creativity principles and shows you how to be a more effective creative problem solver.

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The first rule of creative thinking is to forget what you think you know - because everything is an illusion.

We need more problem finders. Problem solvers are a dime a dozen. But undiscovered problems are treasures.

Creativity is not just for artists and crazy people. Creativity is a powerful success-skill.

Announcing acute problems is like a politician telling the people what they want to hear. Uncovering chronic problems requires vision and boldness.

Creative problem solving is a process. It can be learned and practiced. It is not magic.

Creativity is one of our most innate characteristics. We were all most creative when we were toddlers. But growing up tends to drum that out of us.

Creative people are not necessarily more intelligent - just more curious.

When you think that you know the answers - you will not be open to creative thinking.

Creative thinking means being open to change and most of us just want the other person to change.

Creative thinking is more about asking questions then about having the answers.

Never introduce a new idea in a board meeting. That is the place to extinguish new ideas and execute the introducer.

If you want to be more creative, do something you haven't done for a long time. Visit the zoo, learn a new skill, walk through a different part of town, read a children's story or learn a new dance.

If you want others to be receptive to your creative ideas - first help them laugh. Laughter opens the mind to new ideas.


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