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Creative problem solving and creative facilitation   Creativity and Creative Problem Solving

Creative Facilitation

Do you want to generate tons of creative ideas?
Do you want to examine and develop your strategic plan?
Do you want a creative facilitator to guide your group toward creative solutions?

The Process of Creative Facilitation
A creative facilitator should move your team through the creative process. Are you designing a new program, promotion, product, or process? George Torok can work with your group as the impartial process expert to help steer your team over the obstacles and through the process to achieve your new creation. George will lead your team through the creative process with probing questions and occasionally calling time-out when emotions flare. He'll nudge when you need to be nudged and steer when you get off track.

Depending on your situation this facilitation session usually takes at least a full day. It often takes a few days.

Some things you should know about creative facilitation.
Nothing is sacred.
Assume nothing.
Your facilitator will state the rules.
The rules might change.
Your facilitator will ask you questions - tough questions.
Your facilitator will listen to the group.
Your facilitator might challenge the perspective of the group.
Your facilitator will help cement where you are and where you are going.
Your facilitator is there to help move the group in a best direction.
Your facilitator might be like good medicine. Sometimes it will be good for you but it will taste awful.
When the day is over - your facilitator leaves and you must act on what you agreed.
You creative facilitator will point out possibilities, incongruities, lessons from other organizations, and the overlooked obvious.

Rules of Creative Facilitation
Everyone participates.
No yelling, kicking scratching or insults.
We are in this together.
We want to change.
Change might hurt some.
Being creative means doing something different.
"But we've always done it this way", is not a valid argument.

What does it take to be an Effective Creative Facilitator?
Cross industry perspective.
Business savvy
People skills
A curious mind.
A good sense of humour.

Why is George Torok a good Creative Facilitator?
He is direct.
He is a lifelong learner.
He is purpose and goal focused.
He knows that it is not about him.
He studies the motivations and actions of people.
He understands the structure and operations of business.
He teaches the principles, techniques and nuances of communication.
He has experienced the perspective of many different industries.
He has interviewed over 400 business leaders on his radio show.
He has written over 300 business articles and commentaries.
He believes in the power of following systems and process.

What do clients say about his process facilitation, creative problem solving training and results?

"You are to be commended for the fabulous job you did to keep us on track and focused. We appreciated your helping us to think creatively and to work together to set the groundwork for our year ahead."
Irene Wood
President Flamborough Chamber of Commerce

"Thank you for accommodating the ever-growing number for your sessions. Your rating on Creative Problem Solving was 10/10. One can't do any better than that. Delegates commented that you were dynamic, well informed, funny and enthusiastic. Thank you for your enthusiastic and creative training."
Delmaire Scherloski
Certified General Accountants Association of Ontario

"The students will benefit from your suggestions and advice on how best to present themselves and their abilities to employers, colleagues and clients in the future. Comments: 'excellent speaker - dynamic tools/ strategy' 'George has a different view of the corporate world than I do, so I appreciate this disparate viewpoint.'"
Sandra McCance
Queens School of Business
MBA for Science and Technology

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge with our members with your dynamic presentation about the Creative Thinking Process. It certainly had everyone thinking about that little … aha!"
Brian Ardron
2nd Vice President
Toronto Club of Printing House Craftsmen, Inc.

"We had over 1,400 satisfied customers at this convention…your presentation made a deep impact on their minds and hearts."
Terrence J. McCann
Executive Director
Toastmasters International

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