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Creative Problem Solving Blog

      Creative Problem Solving

Creativity beats logic every time.

Creative thinking is the secret weapon of winners.

Creative problem solving is a key leadership skill.

To be more creative - learn the skills.

Creativity is one of life's mysterious secrets. The secret of creativity is that it is not magic - it is a science. And yes it helps if you have an artistic flair. But both creativity and creative problem solving are skill sets that can be learned, honed and taught. Creativity is not just for artists.

Creative thinking is a business tool. It is incredibly profitable. Do you want to be more creative in your work and life? We can help you.

Creative Problem Solving
Problem solving is not enough. Creative problem solving is the real treasure. When you know the creative problem solving process you will eagerly approach problems with more confidence. You will turn those problems into profitable opportunities. And you will search for more problems. Imagine the possibilities when you become a bounty hunter of problems.

Learn the creative techniques of the creative masters - Einstein, Copernicus and da Vinci.

If you want to be more creative in your approach to problems and challenges, if you want to turn problems into new products, services and markets, if you want to be creative on demand then call George Torok now!

Creativity Catalyst
George Torok is a creativity catalyst based in the Toronto area. He delivers keynote speeches, seminars, training programs on creative problem solving and creative thinking. He can lead your team through creative facilitation.
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