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George Torok, specialist in thinking and communication skills.   'Imagination is more important than knowledge' - Albert Einstein

What do you need to be more innovative?
(Check the following that most apply to you - then contact George Torok for help)


   1. Follow a more effective creative problem solving process.
   2. Employ simple creative techniques on demand.
   3. Overcome restrictive limits.
   4. Break the imposed rules easier.
   5. Rewrite the unwritten rules more effectively.
   6. Generate more creative ideas on demand.
   7. Be more systematic in creative problem solving.
   8. Lead creative teams to greater productivity.
   9. Push brain-storming further.
   10. Encourage more creative thinking from the creativity-challenged.
   11. Better understand the creative process.
   12. Learn a simple repeatable process for creative problem solving.
   13. Implement better idea-generation tools.
   14. Use more creative resources.
   15. Overcome creative blocks more consistently.
   16. Sell your creative ideas more successfully.
   17. Ask more productive questions to advance the process.
   18. Use better tools for idea generation.
   19. Convince more people that creativity is a skill
      that can be learned and honed.
   20. Coach others to be more creative.
   21. Other