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Creativity training and creative problem solving seminars from the Creativity catalyst, George Torok   Creativity and Creative Problem Solving

Creative Problem Solving Seminar

Seminars run between ˝ day and 3 days depending on the depth required. Check the descriptions to see the full offering of what can be covered. If you need something different from what you see below let’s talk. We can customize or generalize a program for your needs. As with the speeches on marketing we can play with titles and themes.
All of George Torok’s programs are content packed and delivered with pizzazz.

Creative Problem Solving
How to find golden opportunities and unique solutions in your business.
Discover efficiency, effectiveness and profit. Turn problems into innovative solutions. Learn how to uncover new opportunities, new markets and new processes. Learn a five-step process you can apply in your organization to work from problem to creative solution faster and consistently. You can apply this process to people, things or process. And you can have fun in along the way.
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Short Programs (90 min)
These short programs are popular segments of the above longer programs. Other variations can be adapted for you.

Wild and Crazy Ideas, Oh My!
Where do they come from? Why you of course. This workshop will focus on creating ideas. We take you outside of the box with a variety of ideation techniques. You will take away several techniques that you can use to generate creative ideas on demand. We can apply this to one of your own challenges to generate dozens of possible solutions.
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