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We had over 1,400 satisfied customers at this convention.. your presentation made a deep impact on their minds and hearts.
Terrence J. McCann
Executive Director
Toastmasters International

Creative Thinking: The Key to Unlocking the Power of Growth
Learn the creative secrets of Einstein, Edison, and Alexander the Great. You will hear simple and powerful techniques to generate dozens of new ideas on demand.

Calling all Fools and Experts
A four step creative problem solving process based on Roger Von Oech’s model. In this entertaining and memorable presentation you will take away a simple yet effective process for solving problems more creativity.

Shaken and Stirred
A light and entertaining approach to the topic of change through cultivating and encouraging creativity in your organization. How to move from stuck to engaged to irreverent to focused. And keep moving forward.

Depending on your needs these speeches can be tuned to your group and message.

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Thank you for your informative and thought provoking presentation on “Finding and Implementing Innovative Solutions.” The take-away signs were a big hit. Since them we see them posted in various locations within our companies.
Lorna Squires
Canadian Manufacturers of Chemical Specialties Association