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Secrets of Power Marketing: Promote Brand You

Secrets of Power Marketing nominated for national business book award
Books for Business Bestseller Reached # 2 on Books for Business best-seller list
Secrets of Power Marketing  a national bestseller Reached national bestseller status in Canada within first six months and now published in seven countries.
First guide to personal marketing for the non-marketer The first guide to personal marketing for the non-marketer

Secrets of Power Marketing: Promote Brand You

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Who is this book for?

The entrepreneur in a small or micro business selling a service to business will get the most from this book, because you have the least resources to call upon and the most to gain. You don't have loads of money so you cannot buy expensive advertising. You may not be well known so you have to take a unique position in the marketplace. You have not enough time and not enough staff, (maybe none), so you must maximize the impact of your marketing messages.

The professional service provider in a small firm or large practice. The competition is tougher and what you are selling is your professional expertise. The rules of marketing have changed and you need to promote to grow – or even survive. Use the techniques to market yourself with class.

The intrapreneur working for a large organization who wants to take charge of their career. The company will not look after you. To grow in responsibility, and compensation you must do good work and you must develop your profile - both inside and outside the company. You cannot hire someone to promote you - you must build your networks, credibility and options.

The association that needs to constantly market value to its members to retain them; to prospective members to recruit them; and to the industry decision makers who might look to you for expertise and training. Even if you have a big ad budget your greatest asset is your membership. You can learn how to harness them to maximize your marketing impact.

Retail business selling to the general public. Your advertising budget goes only so far. You will uncover ideas you can use to get co-ordinate your advertising campaigns with your other marketing activities.

Big business. Yes, we know the smart ones will read this book, too. You may have the large budgets and public profile but lack the flexibility. You may be hampered by committees and policy. You will also learn ideas to use to get more from your marketing.