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Personal Coaching for You

One-on-one personal coaching to launch or move your career or business decades ahead. You chose the option that gives you the best value. Personal coaching could be the secret weapon you need to advance to the next career level or overcome obstacles in your business growth. See if coaching is for you and what options you haveÖ

With your own personal coach you will get:
Expert advice
Career short-cuts
New ideas
Tips that last you a lifetime

Each coaching relationship is unique. You may also get:
Enhanced Credibility
Key contacts
Media exposure
Networking opportunities
Review of printed materials
Referral to other specialists as needed

To arrange your program call.

Your personal coach, advisor, and sounding board
Private Coaching for Professionals, Managers and Executives

Get the perspective you need for developing and implementing your career strategy and tactics. Learn the techniques to enhance your value, develop your network and build your visibility. Gain insights into dealing with critical people, decisions and events. Tap into a sounding board that will ask you the important questions and test your ideas. These are a few of the benefits you can harvest from working with your personal coach.
Chose from any one of these three options to advance your business.

Option A Easy Access Program
Best for one facing a short-term crisis/opportunity or direction setting.

Up to three phone calls per month, and three emails a week. Calls returned within five business hours and emails returned by next day. Unlimited fax and conventional mail review and response. Fee for Option A is $350 per 30 day period. If you book multiple periods you receive a 5% discount for two periods and 10% discount for three or more periods.

Option B Personal Growth Program
Best value for individuals advancing their career, sales reps looking to leap ahead in income or entrepreneurs growing their business.

Unlimited access for phone, email, fax and snail mail. We can meet in person if it is convenient for both of us. Calls returned within five hours including non-business hours and weekends. Fee for Option B is $1,500 per a six month period.

Option C Executive Program
Best for executives or business owners going through an intense period of change, challenge or opportunity.

Unlimited access for phone, email, fax and snail mail. We will meet once a month.

This program is most intense and broad in scope of business and personal growth. After initially agreeing on your goals and milestones George will follow-up with you to coach, push and challenge you. Fee for Option C is $3,000 for a 90 day period.

Enrollment is limited. Before George Torok works with you he will review the following information provided by you: your current position, your goals, and your expectations of how he can best help you. After agreeing to accept your application George will contact you directly to begin the program or notify you of the next available opening. For a quick start email your option and information to George.

Once we agree to move ahead and there is availability in the program full payment is due in advance. For option B and C you may call or email as often as you need. Itís your choice. For both option B and C you may stop the clock at any time and restart later at your discretion. It is results we are after. You may feel uncomfortable at times. But George will help you move forward. For that reason fees are non-fundable.

To arrange your personal coaching program or for more information
call 905-335-1997 or email George Torok at