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George Torok, specialist in thinking and communication skills.   Marketing is everything you do or don't do

Seminar for Professional Service Firms

Accountants, lawyers, and other service professionals need to market too.

You cannot - not market.ô
Marketing is everything you do - or donít do.
Everything sends messages about you and your organization.

Many professionals may abhor traditional advertising. But you can still market effectively in a style consistent with your professional standards.

Program Highlights
In this workshop you will learn how to
Tap the most powerful form of marketing.
Mange the power of perceptions in the marketplace.
Develop a marketing style that works and feels right for you.
Build, enhance and market your credibility.
Get free media exposure regularly.
Build and maintain relationships with key influencers.
Get gold from your databases.
Get more impact from a limited budget.
Tons of tips you can use right away.

When you studied to become a licensed professional the last thing they taught you was how to market. To succeed in your business marketing is as necessary as oxygen to human life. You may already be successful and believe that you do not market simply because you donít advertise. That is only one of the least effective ways to market your services. Harness powerful strategies and cost effective techniques to build your clientele and your professional business success.

Here are some of the areas to be covered

Understanding the key difference between marketing and selling
Applying the power of systems over talent
Avoiding the Van Gogh trap

Obeying the first law of perception
Managing the incredible power of perception
Building total value
Create and enhance and expertise
Influencing perceptions
Taming the image of success

Strongest relationship builders
Following the law of association
Tapping the root of true networking
Starting and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders
Recruiting free marketing agents

Which media is right for you
Building media relations
Sure fire ways to get into the media
Leveraging your media exposure
What does the media want?

Three powerful principles of leverage
How to grab the number one spot
Finding and generating creative ideas
Identifying and harnessing your untapped resources

Why this can be your most powerful strategy
Who should be on your database
The most common mistake in database management
What information to record
Why you do not treat everyone as equal Ė and how without offending them