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George Torok, specialist in thinking and communication skills.   Marketing is everything you do or don't do

Marketing on a Shoestring Seminar

Proven principles to squeeze the most from your marketing budget.

Program Highlights

In this workshop you will learn;
Inexpensive ways to build customer relations and brand equity
To build positive relations with the media.
Where to save money and where not to.
To leverage the power of the Internet.
The key components of successful alliances.
How to recruit the rest of the company behind your marketing message.
To turbo charge the creative process
Get gold from your databases.
How to develop simple marketing plans.

When the marketing budget is tight how do you send your message? How do you stand out in a sea of competitors? How can you put the spark back into the marketing cause? These questions and more will be answered for you in this content rich seminar. You will learn dynamic and low cost techniques to make it happen. Be prepared to leave with a list of things you can do immediately.


Turning a Small Budget into a Competitive Edge
How to make smaller and simpler equal bigger and more effective
Where to save money – and where not to
The 10 biggest money wasters in marketing

Six Steps to a Simple Focused Marketing Plan
Benefits, not features
Defining what business you’re in
Tight Targeting
Positioning and the “4Ps”
Setting the Marketing Budget
Affordable, effective marketing tools

Learning about your customers - when you thought you couldn’t afford research
Simple, effective research techniques
Using response devices as leaning tools
Research sources that are “free” and “clear”

Integrating Your Communications Plan
The importance of integration on smaller budgets
The three levels of integration
Guerilla tactics that work at street level

Advertising on a Shoestring
Understanding communications in the electronic age
The power of focus
How to streamline the creative process
Assessing creative submissions
Seven pillars of advertising effectiveness
Where to look for simple ideas
Simple print advertising that works

Leveraging the Internet for Maximum Returns
The many wonders of the Web
Gathering valuable data on consumers
Conducting profitable transactions
Home pages that work
Measuring success

Building Customer Relationships for long-term profits
How image develops and why it pays big dividends
Relationship marketing – Turning your customers into allies
Inexpensive ways to build image and “Brand Equity”

Launching New Products on a shoestring
Ten steps to cost-effective launch programs
New product advertising that works

Direct Marketing, P.R. and Promoting on a shoestring
Inexpensive promotions that work
Inexpensive direct marketing that works
Leveraging premiums’ appeal, at no cost
Capitalizing on fads, special timing and events
Getting full value for P.R., publicity and trade shows

Integrated Marketing Communications that work, without breaking the bank
The three laws of integration
Integrating all communications disciplines for maximum synergy
Marketing to your database
Segmenting on behavior

Using Marketing Alliances to multiply your marketing power
What a strategic alliance is
How successful alliances expand your marketing clout
Choosing the right partners
Designing the alliance for a win-win
Cooperation vs. Competition