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George Torok, specialist in thinking and communication skills.   Marketing is everything you do or don't do

Marketing Insights from George Torok

Enjoy these pithy marketing insights from George Torok. Use the ideas that resonate well with you. If you reprint these insights or quote them - be sure to credit George Torok as your source.

George Torok is a marketing specialist who simplifies powerful marketing principles and shows you how to use them to gain an unfair marketing advantage.

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You cannot - not market. Marketing is about sending messages, and everything you do or don't do sends a message.

Everyone in your company is marketing. The question is - are they marketing for you or for your competition?

Every marketing activity should do one of three things for you.
   1. Grab attention
   2. Demonstrate value
   3. Build relationships
And it must do each of these better than your competition.

Systems are better than talent. Don't rely on talent. The leaders in any field follow systems.

Marketing is everything that you do that makes it easier to sell.

Your number one job is to sell. Without sales your business dies. Your number two job is to market. Number three is your product or expertise because you cannot deliver your product without the other two happening first.

Marketing occurs on both a direct and indirect level - on purpose and by accident. And most often it is the indirect level and accidents that determine the marketing message that is remembered.

Business in built on the exchange of unequal value. It's a myth to believe that business is about exchanging equal value. Why would anyone give you $10 for something that they believe to be worth only $10? And why would you exchange Equal value? The fundamental of business is to get buyers to believe that they are paying less than it is worth, while you are getting more than it is worth.

Total value = "Real value" plus "Perceived value". Leverage the perceived value and promote "Total Value". When you do that, doors open easier for you and you can charge more money.

We would rather do business with those we know and like. Make it easier for clients to know and like you.

We tend to make decisions based on our emotions then find the appropriate logic to justify that emotional decision.

Associate with winners. Winners pull you up. They make you look good. When you associate with winners we believe that you are one too.

The best marketing is when others talk about you. What are you doing to encourage others to talk about you?

We believe that you are the expert when the media calls you one.


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