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George Torok, specialist in thinking and communication skills.   Marketing is everything you do or don't do

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What do you need to market more effectively?
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1. Be remembered first by your clients.
2. Build more trust and credibility with your prospects and clients.
3. Stay more top of mind with prospects and clients.
4. Nurture more long-term profitable relationships with clients.
5. Offer and deliver more value without adding cost.

6. Attract more qualified prospects.
7. Use more effective marketing systems.
8. Get big time marketing impact on a shoestring budget.
9. Write and deliver a more powerful 30-second message.
10. Make more effective use of the phone and voice mail.

11. Find and use more innovative marketing ideas.
12. Promote your personal brand with more impact.
13. Harness the prime motivators that influence buying decisions more effectively.
14. Get better results connecting with CEOs and senior decision makers.
15. Better influence prospects' perceptions.

16. Benefit more from innovative alliances.
17. Build stronger rapport and trust.
18. Find more clients like your "best clients".
19. Get networking to work more effectively for you.
20. Develop more positive relationships with the media.

21. Capitalize on more free media exposure.
22. Discover more effective ways to consistently be more innovative.
23. Be seen as number one in your market.
24. Leverage your hidden resources for higher returns.
25. Leverage your database for greater results.
26. Other