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George Torok, specialist in thinking and communication skills.   Marketing is everything you do or don't do

Introduction for 'Promote Brand You'

Introduction for George Torok (please read as is)

You might be very good, but that is not enough. The right people must hear you, believe you and remember you. You need an edge. That edge can be yours if you are marketing yourself as a brand.

You can accomplish that using the strategies, tips and techniques described in the national bestseller, co-authored by George Torok, “Secrets of Power Marketing”. This is the first guide to personal marketing for the non-marketer. It is now published in seven countries. You can buy the book at any major bookstore.

After twenty years in corporate management Torok launched his own successful business. He hosts the weekly radio show, Business in Motion on CFMU. He works with major corporations and professional associations across North America. He offers personal coaching, and management consulting to help individuals and organizations grow. He delivers keynotes & seminars on Presentation Skills, Creative Problem Solving and Personal Marketing.

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