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Personal marketing seminars and training for business professionals   Marketing is everything you do or don't do

Personal Marketing


Seminars run between ˝ day and 3 days depending on the depth required. Check the descriptions to see the full offering of what can be covered. If you need something different from what you see below let’s talk. We can customize or generalize a program for your needs. As with the speeches on marketing we can play with titles and themes.
All of George Torok’s programs are content packed and delivered with pizzazz.

Power Marketing for Sales Professionals
Sell more when you market yourself persistently and consistently. Get more leads and close more deals when you have their trust and respect. Maintain your price when they see the value. This program shows you how and more.
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Power Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
You and everyone in your business is marketing. Maximize your marketing by discovering the strategies and techniques you can implement today. Laugh at your your competition when you apply the strategies of Power Marketing. Learn how you can leverage your untapped and unlimited intangible resources. Get the media on your side. Recruit marketing agents who work for you for free.
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Power Marketing for Professional Service Firms
Professionals often find if difficult to market your service and especially when the service is your own skills and brilliance. You may have studied hard for the degree or certification; then hang a shingle and wait for business. Don’t wait you could starve. Personal marketing for the non-marketer is just what you need to discover and design a marketing system that works for you.
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Marketing on a Shoestring
For marketing managers who manage a budget of which you are ashamed. This is also for those who are stretching to get more impact out of their limited budget. Build business through alliances and joint promotions. Promote effectively without breaking the bank. Gain ideas for successful product launches. Cook up creative ideas that elevate you above the market noise.
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To be able to keep the attention of 150 real estate sales representatives and mangers for over 90 minutes, you have to be knowledgeable and you have to be convincing! George You were that and more. Our people got your message that marketing one-self is a continuous and multi dimensional effort.
Duncan McLeod
Area Manager
Royal Lepage

Short Programs (90 min)
These short programs are popular segments of the above longer programs. Other variations can be adapted for you.

Marketing your Association
Get your message to your members, prospective members, the public or key decision-makers. Promote your association to gain members, enhance credibility, raise funds, educate your market or create change. All the tools are there. This program shows you how to tap all your resources – the intangible as well as the tangible.

Market yourself at the Expert
How to build and maintain your status as an expert in the eyes of your colleagues and more importantly, clients and prospects. Discover twelve techniques you can start using today to enhance your expert cache.

Enhancing Value
Business in built on an exchange of unequal value. Learn how to get more value from your customers when you offer them more value without extra cost to you. Get all your people creating, maintaining and selling the greater value of your business. When they see how much fun it can be your customers will lover you and your profits will soar.

The students will benefit from your suggestions and advice on how best to present themselves and their abilities to employers, colleagues and clients in the future Comments.. "excellent speaker – dynamic tools & strategy" "George has a different view of the corporate world than I do, so I appreciate this disparate viewpoint."
Sandra McCance
Queens School of Business
MBA for Science and Technology

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