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George Torok, specialist in thinking and communication skills.   Marketing is everything you do or don't do

Keynote Marketing Speech

"I enjoyed you so much that I bought your book. Iím sure I will glean as much from it as I did from your speech."
Patricia McCain
McCain Employment Services Inc.

How can you guarantee that you will get more? More opportunity, more sales, more money, more resources - you name it. It doesnít matter what you do or your position within your organization your number one job is to sell. It might be selling products & services to your clients, ideas to your colleagues, direction to your staff, your value to your boss, your business value to investors. Like it or not you must sell.

Make your selling easier and far more successful by marketing yourself, your organization and your products. Get the power of personal marketing working for you. These programs are based on the national best-seller "Secrets of Power Marketing."

Depending on your needs this speech can be tuned to your group and message. This speech has delighted groups as diverse as corporate CEOs, sales representatives, consultants, administrative managers, job seeking executives, entrepreneurs, government service providers, and fund-raisers. There are unlimited variations of theme and titles.
Here are a few that have worked successfully;

Promote Brand You
Learn how to capitalize on "Brand You". This program will reveal strategies and techniques you can use immediately to build credibility and visibility. Discover the number one way to be labeled as the expert. Plus 7 other techniques to enhance your expert image. Hear the two most powerful ways to build business relationships and the key element in maintaining your network.
A popular program that fits right with many groups.
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Put Power in Your Personal Marketing
Discover the five strategies you can use to be noticed, remembered and valued by clients and prospects. Discover the most powerful tools to building and maintaining relationships. Present yourself as the expert. Recruit the media to your cause. Learn the five strategies you can use to market yourself.
This program is successful with sale agents, and professional service providers.

Promote Brand You: Positioning Yourself As A Professional
Most of us don't like to brag. See how you can leverage OPM (Other People's Mouths) to spread your message to help you grow within your organization or get that next opportunity. Capitalize on creating "Brand You" by learning strategies and techniques you can use immediately to build credibility, visibility, and enhance your unique value. Take away seven techniques you can use to be labeled as the expert and discover the key element in strengthening your networks.
This program is successful with corporate employees who are members of professional associations.

Promote Brand You for Your Career Growth
Your career is your responsibility. Be good at what you do. And market yourself and the value of your ideas. It is not enough just to build the better mousetrap. You must market yourself persistently and consistently. Discover a practical system to Personal Marketing for the 'non-marketer'.
This program is successful with executives, managers and professionals advancing their career success.

Marketing is Everything You Do - or Don't Do.
Everything sends messages about you and your business. Get everyone in your team marketing for you. You donít need to spend lots of money on marketing. Gain dozens of of tips and techniques that cost very little or even nothing - yet make a lasting impression with clients and prospects.
This program is successful within an organization to get your non-marketers on board in marketing.

To be able to attain such a great insight into the skill of marketing and have developed a skill to effectively communicate your message. You are a living example of how talent and a system combined can create success.
Tierney Culmer
Education Director
The Promotions Productions Association of Canada

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