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Interviews with marketing and presentation skills expert, Geroge Torok   George Torok is media friendly

Video Interviews with George Torok

George Torok makes an engaging and entertaining interview guest. He is often interviewed by all forms of the media. He has appeared on mainstream TV many times.

Watch these video interviews to enjoy his candor, perspective and insights.

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Full Potential Show

With host James Rick
Topic: How to Promote and Make Brand "YOU" Stand Out
Full Potential is about helping you live life at a level 10 in the 7 major areas of life: physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, emotionally, financially and environmentally. In this enthusiastic interview the host explores ideas, examples and tips for individuals to more comfortably build stronger relationships and promote Brand YOU. (15 min)

People in Connection TV
With host Marie Mushing
Topic: Iran
George Torok visited Iran in November, 2009 on a 15-day, 5-city speaking tour. He presented 10 times to groups of business professionals on the topic of marketing. This interview explores his experiences, revelations and lessons.(10 min)

Professionally Speaking TV
With host Randall Craig
Topic: George Torok's Journey as a Professional Speaker
There is not one way to become and succeed as a professional speaker. Randall Craig explores the journeys of professional speakers and exposes secrets from George Torok's past. The video and audio might be out of sync but it's still a good interview. (60 min)

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People in Connection TV
With host Marie Mushing
Topic: Power Marketing
George Torok is the co-author of Secrets of Power Marketing. This interview reveals the most relevant marketing strategies and tips for small business in this challenging market. (10 min)

Business in Motion
With interviewer John Robert Colombo
Topic: Entrepreneurs
After interviewing over 400 business leaders on his radio show, Business in Motion, what has George Torok learned about entrepreneurs? John Robert Colombo puts George Torok under the microscope. This was an unplanned interview. We had time and the idea moved us. (7 min)

Video Interviews with George Torok

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