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Interview with George Torok regarding “Secrets of Power Marketing: Promote Brand You” and the power of personal marketing

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Q. What makes this book different?
GT. This is the first guide to personal marketing for the non-marketer. It is packed with practical techniques that most can use to promote their product, business, organization or themselves. These techniques are low cost yet have high impact. They can be adapted to work for most anyone who needs to market. You will not find theory just things that work.

Q. Who is this book for?
A. Those with the entrepreneurial spirit. That includes entrepreneurs along with interprenuers. It includes small business owners, sales agents, accountants, managers, corporate executives, association members, .. Anyone who wants to take control of the success or their career, business or organization.

Q. I can understand the value of business marketing but why should individuals market themselves?
GT. If you are an aspiring professional, manager or executive in today’s rocky career climate you need to build alliances, enhance your value and manage the perceptions about you. You must create and Promote Brand You.

Q. What is the difference between marketing and selling?
GT. Selling is the most important thing you do. Selling your product or service to bring revenue for the company is the most obvious. You also need to sell your ideas, your value and yourself. Selling is immediate. You know if it is working. Marketing is everything else you do that makes it easier to sell. Marketing is long term.

Q. I notice that you downplay talent. Why is that?
GT. Talent is seductive and deceiving. Those who have talent may be tempted to rely on the talent alone. They may fail to practise, and develop knowledge, and systems to reinforce the talent. Those without talent might think they can not achieve success without talent. The reality is that once they learn a system, practise it and refine it they ‘suddenly’ discover a talent.

Wayne Gretzky the Great One had both a talent and a system for hockey. He was not the best skater or shooter. His talent was an uncanny sense for the game. He knew where the game was going so he could position himself in the right place most of the time. That was his talent. But he did not relay only on that talent. He developed a system – a system that he practiced hard his entire hockey career. The system was his application of learned skills, attitude and teamwork. If Wayne Gretzky only had a talent he would have fizzled. If he only had a system he still would have been a very good hockey player. He had both. To succeed at anything it is more important to have a system than a talent. If you have talent, develop your system. If you don’t have a talent develop your system.

Q. What does that have to do with Power Marketing?
GT. The book describes a system for personal marketing. It outlines five strategies, key principles, dozens of techniques and hundreds of tips. The five strategies are 1.Manage Perceptions 2. Build Relationships 3. Work with the media 4. Use Leverage 5. Build and maintain a database.

You do not need to use all five strategies. It works best when you use all five but it is more important to be comfortable and consistent with your marketing. From the selection of strategies and techniques chose the ones you can apply. Design your approach, then make it systematic. Because marketing is long term – it pays off over time.

Q. ‘Comfortable with your marketing’ – why is that important?
GT. Your marketing sends messages about you. It must be true or it won’t work. If you are trying to send the message that you are something that you are not we will find you out. Marketing works best when it is consistent and persistent. It is next to impossible to sustain a lie. Also it takes too much energy and resources to attempt to send false messages. The beauty of Power Marketing is that everything you do exemplifies and reinforces the message. There is the basis for the power in Power Marketing.

We can not sell a product or idea that we don’t believe in. We can’t sell ourselves if we don’t believe in ourselves. The first step is to believe in yourself.

Q. Sounds like lots of practical ideas for individuals but can a corporation find value in this book?
GT. Yes. A corporation can apply the principles to leverage and review their existing marketing programs. They can use the book to recruit others in the company to the marketing cause but showing the impact they have on marketing. Because marketing is about sending messages, everyone is marketing like it or not; from the loading dock, to the front desk, to accounting, to engineering, to human resources and throughout the company.

They are sending messages in the way they answer the phone, return calls, pay bills, deliver product, hire staff,.. The question that CEO’s should ask is, ‘Do all your people know what messages they might be sending and are they consistent with the corporate marketing strategy?’

When I work with corporations they are often shocked to learn that marketing is everyone’s responsibility. Although everyone does not sell – everyone does market. They are sending messages.

Q. What can business do in slow times?
GT. First discover and understand clearly why the business in slow. Is everyone else winning but you or is the market bad? If so how long will it be. Make your plans accordingly. You should always have at least two business strategies – one for fast times and one for slow times. You might have to adjust your product mix and target audience. But don’t stop marketing. Have different marketing options available. And remember traditional advertising is only one part of your marketing mix.

Don’t spend money on marketing that you do not have. Never go to the bank to get a loan to place an ad. Instead look for more creative ways to keep your name and message in front of your customers and prospects. You might consider forming alliances, sponsoring a charity fund raiser, donating your product to a community cause, writing a tips article,.. There are hundreds of ideas to choose from in Secrets of Power Marketing.

Q. Many businesses have become frustrated with their media relations. What can they do? GT. Many entrepreneurs and business professionals pray for the media to talk about them but they don’t want to put in the time and effort to make it work. You must build your relationships with the media before you need them. And it takes time. My first TV interview took two years of contact before the time was right for them. And that is the key phrase – ‘right for them’.

The message is very powerful when the media quotes you, interviews you and calls you the expert. That is far more believable than tons of advertising. But media coverage is never guaranteed. What is guaranteed is that you will be successful if you apply a system over time. A system of being helpful and informative to the media. They are looking for sources of information, opinion and an intriguing hook. Remember they have a discerning audience to please too.

Q. What is the best form of marketing?
GT. The best marketing is when others talk about you. We believe a third party more than what you say about yourself. Secrets of Power Marketing shows many ways you can get others talking about you and marketing for you. Get your customers, suppliers and associates marketing for you.

George Torok is co-author of the national best-seller, “Secrets of Power Marketing” He works with organizations and individuals to help them grow. He provides consulting and speaking services. You can find more information at

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