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Help your career grow, your business prosper and you to live longer.
Creativity is not chaos – but chaos helps.
Why is it more science than art?
Lessons from Einstein, Copernicus and the Wright brothers.
Why are children so creative and adults not?

Marketing yourself
How to thrive through tough times in the job market?
How to make and maintain contact with corporate executives.
How to be perceived as the expert.
You must be like Picasso not Van Gogh.
Your parents gave you both the best and worst marketing advice.

Don’t rely on talent.
How to appear successful.
What are the key skills of successful CEOs?
How to meet successful people.
Why reaching success is like rolling that boulder up the hill.

Launch your marketing program on a shoestring when you got no shoes.
The costliest marketing mistakes that entrepreneurs make.
How to get everyone talking about you.
Mastering the myth and magic about value.
Leverage the resources your banker never sees.

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