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Local author & entrepreneur quoted in, John Robert Colombo’s “Famous Lasting Words, Great Canadian Quotations”

Hamilton native and Burlington resident, George Torok’s words were immortalized in John Robert Colombo’s “Famous Lasting Words; Great Canadian Quotations”. This is his latest collection of Canadian Quotations. Colombo, known as the Great Gather, has published and/or edited over 130 books. (includes 6,000 new quotations). Published by Douglas & McIntyre.

A sampling of the quotes from George Torok included in Colombo’s latest book;

“As my grandfather used to say, ‘You can do anything you want but you can’t do everything you want.”

“Mountain climbers will scale a mountain because ‘it is there’. Why don’t teenagers clean the mess in their room for the same reason?”

“Anyone can manage when things go right. It takes a leader to take charge when things go wrong.”

“There are three types of meetings – boring, complete waste of time and postponed.”

Other great Canadian quotations...

People don’t actually read newspapers – they get into them every morning like a hot bath.
Marshall McLuhan

The telephone was conceived in Brantford in 1874 and born in Boston in 1875.
Alexander Graham Bell

I believe in good omens. I don’t believe in the bad ones.
Silken Laumann

Management is a curious phenomenon. It is generously paid, enormously influential and significantly devoid of common sense.
Henry Mintzberg

It’s time for Canada to ditch that inbred family of promiscuous mediocrities, still pretending to reign over us.
Peter C. Newman

For enough money I’d work in hell.
Roy Thomson

You have not seen Canada until you have seen the north
Pierre Elliot Trudeau

I sometimes characterize Canadians as a sullen people addicted to doing good.
Adrienne Clarkson

For more information contact: George Torok 905-335-1997 and/or John Robert Colombo 416-782-6853