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November 2011: International Advertising Forum in Iran Features Canadian Author as Keynote Speaker

Canadian Speaker
The sole Canadian at this event was Burlington resident, motivational business speaker, George Torok, co-author of the bestseller, Secrets of Power Marketing. This is the second time that Torok has spoken at the World Advertisement Forum in Tehran, Iran. "Imagine speaking to a civilization that has been conducting business for a few thousand years. To offer them real value, I needed to deliver ideas that they hadn't considered or deliver the message in a unique way. That was the challenge that I faced." Torok has already been invited to speak in Iran again.


How can volunteers get more done in these tough times? Teach them to fish.

Hamilton, ON - August 18, 2009: Charities and nonprofit associations are invisible victims of hard times. Why? Because failed fund raisers and declining memberships don't grab attention. It's tough to compete with employee layoffs and business bankruptcies.

Charities and associations need to do even more with less just to hold their ground. They need to deliver their message with greater impact and effectiveness. They can continue to recruit, motivate and persuade if they present their message more effectively.

How can volunteers transform their presentation skills?
Volunteers and staff of local charities and nonprofit associations are invited to attend a presentation skills training workshop sponsored by Bay Gardens and featuring local presentation skills specialist George Torok.


April 20, 2009: Stimulate Your Business Summit

Are you a business owner losing sleep over these turbulent times?
Are you a sales professional tearing your hair out over vanishing sales?
Are you a team manager frustrated at the growing losing streak of your team?

May 20. Holiday Inn, Burlington. 8am – 4pm

Discover exactly how to:
  • Keep yourself motivated during the recession
  • Design a more powerful low-cost marketing system
  • Close more sales with less effort
  • Stay ahead of your competition
  • Create and deliver overwhelming value at no extra cost
  • Deal more effectively (and profitably) with abusive buyers
  • Ask high-value questions that will help you close more sales
  • Avoid the biggest mistake businesses make during a downturn
  • Better position your product, service or solution
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October 2008: Is Twitter Right for Your Business?

Twitter is a flaky name and the concept sounds flaky, "What are you doing?" So it is easy for serious business owners to doubt the value of this social media website as a marketing tool. The early adapters are the usual mushy social time-wasters.

For marketing expert George Torok the jury is still out on Twitter. However he was wrong on his initial assessment of blogging. Torok denounced blogging as a waste of time. He now operates at least four active blogs to market his business.

Torok recently opened an account on Twitter to learn and experiment with this Web 2.0 tool. Twitter is a mini-blogging forum. Each post can be a maximum of 140 characters.

Is Twitter a good thing for your business?
Follow George Torok on Twitter to discover more.

September 2008: Published in India

Soft Skills Development - Training and Evaluation

The Icfai University Press of Punjagutta, Hyderabad, India announces the release of Soft Skills Development- training and Evaluation.

This book is a practical collection of corporate soft skills training needs. Section one includes the chapter by George Torok on Presentation Skills Success.

George Torok is the co-author of Secrets of Power Marketing - which is published in at least seven countries.

George Torok is quoted and referenced in at least 12 other books.

August 2008: Number One on Google

Google is both king and queen of the Search Engines. If you have a website your goal is to be in the top ten of Google search. That would place you on the first page of Google.

Big business and small business struggles with the rapidly changing complexities of satisfying the Google secret formula for search results.

Marketing expert George Torok has landed on the first page of Google for many search terms - in fact he has garnered Gold medal results for some of his search terms.

As of August 26, 2008 his websites have reached number one on Google for the following highly contested terms:

Canadian Motivational Speaker

Canadian Business Speaker

Toronto Business Speaker

Go ahead and search:

George Torok can help your business claim first page results on Google.
Contact George Torok at 905-335-1997

June 2008: George Torok Channel on You Tube

Marketers today must take advantage of the 500 channel universe and the convergence of media.

Marketing expert, George Torok launched his video YouTube channel. In the true sense of Internet impatience, the punchy and provocative videos run from 30 seconds to 7 minutes.

George Torok is already known as a motivational business speaker for conventions and corporate meetings. His bestselling book, Secrets of Power Marketing, is now published in seven countries. He is the host of radio program, Business in Motion, on 93.3 cfmu. He has written and published over 300 business articles.

"Smart marketers must be broadcasting their message on many channels." proclaims George Torok

George Torok YouTube Channel

January 2008: MBA Games 2008 at McMaster University
Just in case MBA students weren't competitive enough - let the MBA Games begin. It might not be as deadly as the Roman Coliseum games, but it is certainly was colourful, boisterous and aggressively contested by the combatants.

The MBA Games is an national competition of MBA students from university business schools across Canada. DeGroote School of business at McMaster University in Hamilton hosted the games for 2008. Over 400 students participated.

"As a graduate of McMaster, I was proud to participate in the MBA Games." proclaimed George Torok.

George Torok participated in three ways. He judged the marketing competition. He donated his book, Secrets of Power Marketing to all participants in the marketing competition. And he delivered a motivational message to the already hyped MBA students about the Secrets of Success. Yes it was a case of preaching to the choir.

Read more about the MBA Games

November 2006: The Year of Bogging Dangerously
“Here’s mud on my face. ‘Blogs are for hobbyists and dabblers. Serious business people don't have blogs. They have real websites.’ That’s what I told my friend after looking at his blog last year.” reports marketing author George Torok.

“Boy was I wrong.” admits Torok. It turns out that blogs are another marketing tool. Blogs fill a niche that websites do not. Blogs also help boost websites in the search engine race. George Torok now operates three main blogs.

March 2006: Internet Entrepreneurs with Global Reach in Hamilton? Name them.
Do you know this name? Martin Lemieux. He owns an Internet business that at last count hosts more than 20 money-making websites. It might be hard to believe, but it is not porn, gambling nor Ebay. Not so hard to believe, he is 27 years old. Maybe hard to believe – he is Hamilton based and raised.

Who is Martin Lemieux? Full Article

August 2005: Does Public Speaking Make You Sick?
Do you feel sick when you are speaking? Don't worry. That's normal. Public speaking is our most common fear. What could be worse than the speaker feeling sick? Listening to a speaker who makes you feel sick. Even worse? Making your audience sick while they are trapped listening to you.

There is help. A 10-year study of presenters - good and bad has resulted in a list of the most common Presentation Sins and more importantly a program on how to avoid them.

Discover the Nine Presentation Sins
Presentation Skills Training
Speech Coach

June 2004: Secrets of Power Marketing celebrates five years of publication
Five years after publication this Canadian national bestseller is still sold in book stores. Published in seven countries, it continues to receive accolades from entrepreneurs and sales professionals around the world.

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June 2004: BC and Ontario Wine-makers toast to Power Marketing
What could be more fun then selling wine? Drinking it. The next most fun is marketing it. George Torok, speaker and marketing specialist pointed out fun ways to market this fun product. It's got to be fun if you want to continue doing it with passion.

View photos from Vancouver event

May 2004, Ottawa: John Robert Colombo joins Order of Canada
Hailed as a national treasure, John Robert Colombo has carved out a unique niche, satisfying Canadians' curiosity, not only about ourselves, but the world around us. A writer and editor, he is also a frequent contributor to a number of major periodicals and daily newspapers. Known by his peers as a "master gatherer," he has compiled a wide array of information, featured in his many books. For over four decades, he has engaged us with his fervent love of Canada. Colombo's All-Time Great Canadian Quotations and his equally popular reference books have earned him critical acclaim and legions of fans.

Read "Speech Anxiety" by John Robert Colombo
Visit John Robert Colombo's site

April 2004: Business in is live
A new website from the radio show that features movers and shakers in business, business leaders, innovators, heroes, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives revealing their secrets, lessons, mistakes and triumphs. Program creator and host, George Torok has interviewed hundreds of business leaders to learn what makes them tick.


February 2004: Management Essentials
"How do we manage our boss?" Number one question posed by middle managers.
After delivering a new program for the Canadian Management Centre, George Torok addressed the number one concern of middle managers, "How do we manage our boss?"
Part of the answer is, " Manage their expectations. Keep them informed as they desire."

This new course offered at the Canadian Management Centre is based on the collected wisdom of the five books by Peter Urs Bender, "Secrets of Power Presentations", "Leadership from Within", "Secrets of Power Marketing", "Secrets of Face to face Communication" and "Gutfeeling".

Try a quick quiz to see where you or your boss rates on the Bully Scale

January 2004: Face Your Fear, Don't like heights! Don't like flying!
Helijet ride to Victoria and back to Vancouver might be the cure for what scares you.

"It was a safe and comfortable ride - yet the thought scared the hell out of me." declares George Torok. Sometimes you have to do what scares the hell out of you. George Torok shares his fear and why it is important to understand the fears of your customers.

"The strongest human motivator is fear. That will both help you sell more and it will prevent most of your lost sales." This was the message given to three groups of executives by marketing author George Torok. "Fear is illogical yet we too often try to sell on logic." Torok gave the example of his own fear of flying as an illogical need that marketers need to understand and address.

Read what the executives said

Jan 2004: Get more business this year by identifying the pain that you fix
"Get more referral business if you tell associates about the pain that you relieve" was the advice that marketing expert, George Torok gave to members of the Burlington Networking Group. "We talk about our pain more than our joy. Listen to people's pain and help them fix it." George Torok helps business owners fix the pain of dismal marketing results and sagging sales.

May 2003: First marathon - Run George Run
Finishing a marathon is about staying power. It's about your mind winning over your body. It's about the exhilaration of completion after 26 miles of running and months of training. George Torok completed his first marathon; the Rock and Roll Marathon, in Burlington, Ontario.

Two years ago it seemed unlikely. Ten years ago it seemed impossible. Thirty-three years ago it was the stupidest idea one could imagine. Today George Torok is proud to complete his first marathon - 42 k, 26 miles, 4hr 26 minutes of running time and hundreds of hours of training.

When he was a member of the Delta high school cross-country team in 1970 he dropped out of his first six-mile race. Yet 33 years later he finishes a 26-mile marathon.

Don't let high school failures or life's earlier embarrassments hold you back. George Torok also hoped to run for high school council - but he was too afraid to speak. Now he speaks professionally for a living - and teaches executives to speak with greater impact.

Jan 2003: Speech Coach for is live
Where do you go when you need to deliver a motivating speech, convincing message or credible presentation? Test your multimedia savvy, write your speech in five minutes or less, speak more confidently…

These are a few of the free speaking resources you will find on this newly launched website.

Visit www.

September 2002, Hamilton: George Torok nominated to McMaster Alumni Gallery
Each year McMaster University invites nominations of its distinguished alumni to join the Alumni Gallery. Nominations are based on leading an interesting and successful life and on outstanding contributions to society. George Torok was nominated by classmate, Wayne Terry and strongly supported by local business and community leaders. Other nominees have included: ROBERTA LYNN BONDAR, Canadian astronaut; MICHAEL LEE-CHIN, Chairman, CEO and Chief Investment Officer, AIC Ltd; KAREN MAIDMENT, Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer at the Bank of Montreal; and EDWARD A. MINICH, president and CEO of Otis Canada.

Visit McMaster Alumni site

Nov 2002: CFMU recognizes radio host George Torok for volunteer service
George Torok, creator and host of the weekly radio show, Business in Motion, was honoured for his contributions by radio station CFMU. This is the only local radio program that examines business and business leaders so that the rest of us can learn from their success and failures.


Oct 2002, Banff: People's bankers learn to ask, " May I?"
The concept and application of "Permission Marketing" popularized by Seth Godin was the message relayed to Credit Union Central Canada. Canadian marketing guru, George Torok stated "Ask your customers if they want it before you give it. That builds trust and acceptance."

View photos from Banff

Apr 2002, Antigua: King of Redonda grants interview to local radio show host
The King of Redonda was interviewed by radio host George Torok for the program Business in Motion on 93.3 CFMU. The King, "Robert the Bald" - Canadian born - mused about his succession to royalty, his work with Picasso and sailing his boat from Russia to Antigua.

Visit Redonda site

December 2001, Toronto: Canadian Speakers' Hall of Fame Honours Peter Urs Bender
The Canadian Speakers' Hall of Fame has inducted Peter Urs Bender, one of the country's best-known business authors and speakers, into its ranks. He is one of only 11 Canadians ever so honoured.

Read full article

December 2001: National Speakers Board Election
Canadian Association of Professional Speakers elect George Torok to the national board.
The Canadian Association of Professionals Speakers is the place where professional speakers go to learn and grow. "Everything I know about the business I learned from CAPS." George Torok has served the association at the national and chapter levels. George Torok is a best-selling author, radio show host and specialist in marketing.


June 2001: The Formula for Success
The building blocks - Body, Mind and Soul

What is the formula for success? George Torok, keynote speaker for the Junior Achievement annual fund-raiser, interviewed the governors of Junior Achievement about their formula for success and analyzed their answers. He presented those answers and more importantly his analysis of what was in common. Full Article

May 2001: 13th Annual Governors’ Dinner & Awards Gala
Hosted by Junior Achievement of Hamilton JA Alumnus, George Torok is Keynote Speaker. What a thrill to have a former Junior Achiever address the governors dinner. For the first time the speech will not be about the speaker. Instead it will be about the audience.

May 2001: United Way Breakfast Seminar a Success
George Torok donated his expertise for a breakfast presentation designed to help business and the community. The breakfast was a fund-raiser for the local United Way and an entertaining and impactful look at powerful marketing techniques for business owners.

Attendees were encouraged to support charities and community groups because it feels good and it is powerful soft marketing.

Apr 2001: Local author shows three faces to support community fundraisers
George Torok demonstrates three faces to his community this spring – all of them good and all raising funds for local community associations. The three faces; Master of Ceremonies for the Burlington Chamber of Commerce; Seminar Leader for the United Way and Motivational Speaker for Junior Achievement. Full Article

Feb 2001: Local author & entrepreneur quoted in, John Robert Colombo’s “Famous Lasting Words, Great Canadian Quotations”
Hamilton native and Burlington resident, George Torok’s words were immortalized in John Robert Colombo’s “Famous Lasting Words; Great Canadian Quotations”. This is his latest collection of Canadian Quotations. Colombo, known as the Great Gather, has published and/or edited over 130 books. (includes 6,000 new quotations). Published by Douglas & McIntyre. Full Article

Jan 2001: Awaken the Potential!
Sandra Wolfe, Toastmasters, District Governor invites all club presidents to the Governor’s Appreciation Breakfast. Featured motivational keynote speaker is Toastmasters George Torok of Skyway Club, Burlington, ON. He will present the keynote address and an interactive education session. This is an opportunity to meet other club presidents and share ideas for success.

Jan 2001: 250 books donated to Junior Achievement
Stoddart Publishing donated 250 copies of the Canadian bestseller, Secrets of Power Marketing to all offices of Junior Achievement in the USA to celebrate the US launch of this book. A student in each chapter will receive a copy of the book. But they don’t get the book for nothing. They must read the book and present some of the ideas to their fellow students. They gain in a few ways – we learn what we must teach and they polish their presentation skills. This is the kind of win-win business partnerships that these students need to implement in their career.

Oct 2000: Best-selling author makes a splash at Chapters with style
George Torok, co-author of the national bestseller, Secrets of Power Marketing, displayed that marketing chutzpah at a recent book store event. His visit to the Chapters bookstore n Hamilton was marked by the arrival of a s t r e t c h white limousine which remained parked outside during the event – with lights flashing. The elegant chauffeur passed the time by awarding fresh carnations to the women who passed the by store entrance.

Sept 2000: Secrets of Power Marketing launched in USA
Stoddart publishing launched the US version of the Canadian bestseller in the USA by distributing hundreds of free copies at the National Speakers Association Annual conference in Washington, DC.

Aug 2000: First World Congress of International Federation for Professional Speakers
George Torok was one of four Canadians who spoke in Washington DC to some of the 4,000 professional speakers gathered from five national associations of speakers from around the world.

May 2000: Best-selling author returns to local Alma matter
George Torok graduated from Delta High school in 1972. He returned recently to deliver entertaining words of wisdom along with copies of his book, Secrets of Power Marketing to award winning business students.

May 2000: Happy Birthday Secrets of Power Marketing
Co-authors Peter Urs Bender and George Torok celebrated the one year anniversary of their best-selling book, Secrets of Power Marketing, by delivering chocolate birthday cakes to their publisher, book stores and media.

May 2000: Power Marketing
Ottawa Board of Trade hosts George Torok as guest speaker for civic luncheon. Program sponsored by Air Canada, Via Rail, Ottawa Sun and Core.

Feb 2000: Zig when the others Zag
That was the advice from best-selling author, George Torok, to entrepreneurs in the Yukon. He delivered that message to a packed room in his presentation for the Yukon Economic Forum. The Forums, organized by the Yukon government in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce are an ongoing series of special programs to help Yukon business. Full Article

Feb 2000: Watch out world! Here come Canadian marketers
Stoddart Publishing, Canada’s largest publisher, announced that “Secrets of Power Marketing” reached national best-seller status within the first six months of publication

It was also announced that “Secrets of Power Marketing” will publish in both India and Turkey during 2000. In two separate deals, Bill Hannah of Stoddart, announced the sale of English rights in India to Macmillan India and the Turkish rights in Turkey to Kapital Medya Hizmitieri. “Entrepreneurs around the world are eager for the practical techniques and tips of this book. Forget textbook theories. People want what works. Bender and Torok describe effective marketing methods.”

Canadians are often portrayed to be bashful marketers. Maybe that’s why this book became a runaway best seller so quickly. “Under-promise and over deliver.” Is Bender’s maxim. And that is exactly what they did. The book is filled with hundreds of practical tips that anyone with the entrepreneurial spirit can use to promote themselves.

Jan 2000:
What 27 of the top Canadian Media
said in the first 6 months about Stoddart’s

"Secrets of Power Marketing"
Full Article

Dec 1999: Nominated for national business book award
Established in 1985, this award has become one of Canada’s most prestigious literacy awards. Secrets of Power Marketing was nominated by Stoddart, Canada’s largest business book publisher.

Sep 1999: Canada’s first guide to Personal Marketing
Who is signing more books and visiting more bookstores in Ontario than any one else this year? See for yourself – it must be George Torok – co-author with Peter Urs Bender of Secrets of Power Marketing. The book describes as system that non-marketers can follow to promote themselves and their small business. The authors live and breathe their lessons. Case in point – see George run, see George speak.

Aug 1999: The cow, the motivator and the steel town boy.
Out of failure they built success.

Toastmasters from more than 20 countries gathered for the 68th international annual convention in Chicago to hear, learn and be inspired by the best speakers from around the world. Full Article

Jun 1999: It’s a book!
Announcing the birth of Secrets of Power Marketing

This is not a weighty book to read. But the tips you use will increase your personal marketing power.

You can contact George Torok for interviews at
Local 905-335-1997

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