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Executive Speech Coaching

One-on-one private and confidential coaching for executives and professionals

Presentation coaching is for you if one or more of these is true:
You have a career defining presentation to deliver,
You need to improve your presentations to grow,
You want to improve the impact of your messages,
You need to inspire, inform or direct your people through challenging times,
You took a course on presentations and now need a refresher,
You are a good presenter and you want to boost your effectiveness,
You feel nervous when speaking in front of groups.

Coaching to Accelerate Your Skills Development
Public speaking is a set of skills. The fastest way you develop and improve a skill is with knowledge, training, practice and coaching. Personal coaching can be the most time efficient method of growing exponentially.

Coaching Fees
You can chose from any of the following three programs. If you need something different, let's talk. For these personal coaching sessions you will work directly exclusively with George Torok not an associate.
Full Day $4,500
Day $2,500
90 min $1,500

Multiple sessions may be booked at your choice. The more sessions you book the greater the value you receive. For that reason there is no discount for booking multiple sessions. There is a discount for payment in advance.

Follow-up Support
After the day or full-day coaching programs you can receive more help from your presentations coach. You can contact George Torok with your questions for up to one year after the last coaching session. Imagine that. It's like getting a 365-day free hotline to your presentation coach. Call or email anytime that you have a question about an upcoming presentation.

Who Benefits from Presentation Coaching
George Torok has worked with government leaders, public corporation officials and highly successful entrepreneurs. Read the client testimonials and feel free to call for references.

Personalized and Confidential
Your coaching session is personalized to your most pressing presentation needs. We will work on what you need most at this time. That varies greatly. For example, it might include; designing your speech, reinforcing your message to be better remembered, maximizing your natural strengths, overcoming shortcomings, the appropriate use of humour, using technology and multi-media for impact, body language, voice, staging and setup, use of props, dealing with questions, key words and phrases to use and to avoid, how to adapt to interruptions, recovering from mistakes, and many other aspects of delivering an effective message.

Every coaching session is as varied and specific as your individual needs.

Contact your presentation skills coach now. Don't wait any longer. Who knows what waiting will cost you.

Contact George Torok for a no-obligation discussion about your presentation needs.

Call 905-335-1997 or email

Why George Torok for your presentation skills coach?
Not a natural born speaker - an introvert and shy
Learned the techniques and developed the skills
Helped his clients deliver million-dollar presentations
Has two decades of experience in corporate management
Not an actor or professor - he's all business and results
Delivered over 1,000 professional presentations
Studied with some of the best coaches across North America
Written and published over 450 articles
Hosted business radio talk show for over 14 years

If you are still not sure that George Torok can help you - take 90 seconds to complete the Presentation Skills Audit

George Torok
Presentation Skills Coach


George Torok is based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada which is between Toronto and Hamilton. He works with clients acrosss North America throughout Canada, Mexico and the USA.

No Travel Costs

Presentation skills coach, George Torok is based in Burlington, Ontario in the Greater Toronto Area, (GTA). There is no travel charge for presentation skills coaching clients when coaching in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Halton, Peel, Brampton, Milton, Niagara, St Catharines, Brantford, Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and neigbouring areas.

If you are unsure if your location qualifies just call George Torok at 905-335-1997 or email
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