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Presentation Skills

Seminars, Workshops and Training Programs

George gave us a great example of how its done from opening to closing. 100% rated him as excellent. Great content really helpful.
Farah Allen-Goldson

Program Duration
Seminars and workshops run between 1/2 day and 3 days depending on the number of participants and depth that you want. Check the descriptions to see the full offering of what can be covered.

Practice and Feedback
The purpose of presentation skills training is to develop the skills of your people. They will learn faster and retain more when they have the opportunity to apply the skills in class with immediate feedback and reinforcement.

Fit Your Needs
For that reason, training is much more effective for small groups. The longer programs allow greater opportunity for practice and feedback. If you need something different from what you see below let's talk. We can customize or generalize a program for your needs. Start this process by completing the Presentation Skills Audit.

Materials and Follow-Up Support
Training participants receive a class guide and access to additional resources and follow-up support after the program so they can continue to grow after the end of the day.

Power Presentations for Sales Results
Sell more when you present your proposals with confidence, clarity and effective persuasion.
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Power Presentations for Novice Speakers
Overcome the jangled nerves and amaze your audience (and yourself) with your next presentation.
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Power Presentations for Accountants, Financial Consultants and Bankers
How to make the numbers more interesting, memorable and believable.
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Power Presentations for Engineers, IT and Technical Experts
How to speak so others listen, understand and act on your technical knowledge and advice.
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Power Presentations for Business Professionals and Managers
Deliver your message to your staff, associates and upper management with greater success. Sell your ideas, lead your team and boost your career.
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Power Presentations for Senior Executives and Corporate Spokespersons
Senior executives often prefer to work one-on-one with George Torok in personalized coaching. Each client has entirely different needs, which we can address after discussing your concerns. If you have a small group of executives we can deliver a program that combines intense group sessions linked to one-on-one coaching sessions. For that reason there is no standard description for the senior executive program. Working with you we diagnose your needs and deliver the program that best helps you.
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Power Presentations for the Advanced Speaker
How to leave your audience thinking, "Wow! We gotta get some of that!" Build on your strengths; turn talent into mastery, and weakness into style. The best in every field keep honing their skills to keep ahead of the competition. You can too.
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Short Programs ( 90 min)
These short programs are popular segments of the above longer programs. Other variations can be adapted for you. They work well as part of your conference or sales meeting. These short programs can be adapted into longer interactive workshops so your participants also receive practice and coaching.

Presenting with Technology
How to present more effectively with the aid of hi tech, medium tech and low tech in the boardroom, meeting room and auditorium. How to look better when presenting with PowerPoint. Get your props and visuals to effectively reinforce your message instead of interfering.

Handling Questions, Interruptions and the unplanned speech
How to speak unprepared. What to say and do to maintain control when things go wrong. How to take advantage of every speaking opportunity. Maintaining control under fire and looking good while handling hostile questions. Preparing your 30-second messages.

Your work with our Directors was just what we wanted and I appreciated the fact that you used your extensive knowledge and skills in a coaching style delivery.
Carol Ford
Training and Development Specialist
Bombardier Aerospace

"Power Presentations" is a registered trademark of Peter Urs Bender. George Torok is licensed to use this trademark.

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No Travel Costs
George Torok is based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada which means that in most cases there are no additional travel costs for training within a short drive of Burlington. That would include Hamilton, Niagara, Brantford, Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Halton, Peel, Wellington, Oakville, Milton, Georgetown, Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, Markham and Vaughan.
Power Presentations programs are based on the bestselling book, Secrets of Power Presentations

Secrets of Power Presentations

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