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Want help with your presentation skills? Please complete this audit so we can identify and focus on the areas of greatest concern. Do it quickly should take about 90 seconds.

Audit for Presentation Skills Coaching & Training


What do you need to speak more effectively?

   1. Feel more confident while presenting.
   2. Be more convincing when speaking.
   3. Get better results from your presentations.
   4. Speak more comfortably without notes.
   5. Work more effectively with PowerPoint.
   6. Connect better with the audience.
   7. Answer questions more effectively.
   8. Grab and hold the attention of your audience.
   9. Deliver more effective closings.
   10. Handle interruptions better.
   11. Create a better presentation environment.
   12. Adapt more effectively to time restraints.
   13. Deliver messages that are better remembered.
   14. Deliver tough messages in a more effective way.
   15. Project leadership qualities better.
   16. Establish trust more effectively.
   17. Use humour for greater impact.
   18. Be better understood.
   19. Speak more effectively to different audiences.
   20. Master the use of body language better.
   21. Prepare more effectively and efficiently.
   22. Speak more effectively to the media.
   23. Take better advantage of impromptu speaking opportunities.
   24. Speak to difficult audiences more effectively.
   25. Design a more effective presentation.
   26. Other

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