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What is the best way to achieve your desired results?
Consider and choose from your options shown below

What do you want to achieve? These tools may work best for you

Inspire and entertain Keynote speech
Get a key message across Speech
Get your message out Customized speech
Educate and inform Workshop or seminar
Work through a process Facilitation
Transfer knowledge and skills Training program
Dramatic growth in one or more individuals Personal coaching
Overcome a challenge Consulting or coaching
Dramatic change in changing environment Integrated program
Gain and retain knowledge Books, checklists, tapes etc.

Descriptions of these delivery tools below

George Torok promises to deliver the best keynote speech, seminar, training program   presentation skills, personal marketing, creative problem solving
You can discuss your needs with George Torok and you are not obligated by this discussion. George Torok will only work with you once we are clear on your needs and expected outcomes and most importantly once he is certain that he is the best one to meet your needs. When he is not the right match he will refer you to other trusted experts.

Keynote Speech
Generally lasting 30 to 90 minutes while 45 minutes is the norm. It’s your call. George’s keynotes are described as entertaining, motivational, anecdotal and real. A keynote is ideal to open or close a conference or sales meeting. A new perspective can be clarified. An overview of concepts is presented and you take away one or a few powerful ideas you can use immediately.

You can select from one of several successful speeches on Personal Marketing, Presentation Skills or Creative Problem Solving.

Or you can have George prepare you a completely customized and personalized speech that delivers or reinforces your special message to your people.
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Runs from 3 hours to three days. Also entertaining and the difference is that they participate in exercises to discover and reinforce concepts. They will develop and practice techniques. Workbook and leaning materials are available. You get lots of content and practical application.

Seminars available on Personal Marketing, Presentation Skills and Creative Problem Solving.
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Workshop or facilitation
You are going through a process and your workshop leader will guide you through that process. The function of the facilitator is not to provide answers but to ask questions, help you focus and direct your group to your stated goal. This is most practical when faced with several obstacles and/or many options.
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Training program
This is the best way to transfer skills because no one learns to ride a bike in one seminar. It takes practice, coaching and feedback. This program extends over several weeks or months to suite your needs. Your people will learn, earn and develop their new skills.
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Personal Coaching
If you or one of your key people need specific one-on-one guidance and feedback this is for you. Coaching may occur as a one-time meeting or multiple sessions; in person or over the phone.

Personal coaching may apply for Presentation Skills, Executive Career Growth, Business Growth, Personal Marketing and Creative Thinking.
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Sometimes you need an outside expert to help you through a particular challenge. Each project is unique however you are benefiting from the knowledge and experience from personal experience, research and consulting work with many other industries and clients.

Integrated program
With ongoing challenges and changing dynamics you many need an integrated approach of a combination of the above. It is your choice in finding and using the best tool to achieve your desired results. Contact George Torok to discuss your needs and design the right program for you.
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