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Speaking services

Keynote Speech
Entertaining and inspirational keynotes to thrill your people and deliver an important key message.

Seminar or workshop
Powerful training programs and workshops to introduce and develop key success skills, systems and techniques.

Master of Ceremonies
Ensure the success of your special event. Keep it smooth running, on time and keep your audience awake, happy and on the edge of their seats.

Need help getting through an obstacle course, dealing with detractors or distractions?

Other ways that George Torok can help make your program a success.
Want to get extra value? George is recyclable and reusable. Have George deliver a keynote, conduct a workshop, facilitate a planning session, interview your officers, hold a lunch briefing with your executives or some other combination of these. You save extra travel costs and gain continuity and synergy. Ask to learn how we can help you design a successful event.

Heís hot. Heís Electric. Heís Dynamic. Heís George!
McMaster University Kathleen DíAmico
McMaster Alumni Association

  CPSA presents over 150 events across the country in a year, and you are the most professional speaker Iíve ever had the pleasure of working with. And Iím not the only one who feels that way. In fact almost 90% of the audience rated your content and/or delivery as Excellent.
Anne Babej
Director Professional Development
CPSA Sales Institute

George Torok specializes in thinking and communication and thinking skills. You can choose from these three areas of expertise:

Personal Marketing
     Promote Brand You

Presentation Skills
     Present with Power!

     Shaken and Stirred

The above are the most popular programs. We can change a title to match your message or theme.

Need something different just for you?
George Torok can work with you to craft pieces of one or more of the above into a special presentation for you. Or he can work with you to create something totally personal and unique to your event, group and message.

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He's hot. He's Electric. He's Dynamic. He's George!
Kathleen D'Amico
McMaster Alumni Association

business speaker, professional speaker, motivational speaker, George Torok

Not only did you entertain them - you inspired them to action.
Sid Kenmir, Executive Director
ACCRO Services

business speaker, professional speaker, motivational speaker, George Torok

I came away re-energized about my work.
Barbara Yates
Canadian Yachting Association

business speaker, professional speaker, motivational speaker, George Torok

You are a living example of how talent and a system combined can create success.
Tierney Culmer, Education Director
The Promotions Productions Association of Canada