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More Information for Meeting Planners

You want your program to be a success. Arranging for the speakers is just one detail in producing your event. It happens to have a huge impact on the outcome. You might find these tips for working with speakers helpful.

Hiring Professional Speakers

Before you select your speaker it is best that you have heard them speak. If not, then you might go with a positive recommendation from someone whose judgment you trust. You can always ask for the name and number of a previous client. Viewing a video or listening to an audio will give you some idea of their style.

Some of the questions you might ask when talking to previous clients or audience members:
Did the speaker deliver what he promised?
Did the speaker start and finish on time?
Was the information relevant to this audience?
What was the most memorable element of the speakers style?
Would you hire again or recommend this speaker?

Some questions to ask your speaker

What industry associations are you a member of?
A speaker in Canada should be a member of CAPS – the Canadian Association of Professionals Speakers. A speaker from the USA should be a member of NSA – the National Speakers Association. Both of these associations are in turn members of the International Federation for Professional Speakers.

Membership in these associations implies among other things; a commitment to learning, a sense of the industry and its community, a commitment to professional and ethical standards.

What will you do to finish on time?
Be care of the ones who don’t even understand this question. Look for ones who can adapt to your program and changing needs.

What will you do to make your message relevant to our group?
Look for ones who will talk with a few of your people before the program or at the very least visit your website.

What special needs do you have for room step-up?
If they have thought about impact then the real professionals can tell you the best setup. And the real professionals will also know how to make almost any setup work. For example read the room setup info on this site.

What special needs do you have for your logistics?
Be aware of the prima donnas. Some can be very demanding. I have heard of those who insist on a limousine and celebrity treatment. Do you want all that hassle?

How can you help us promote this special event?
Leverage the power of your speaker. Read the tips on this site – Promote your Special Event.

George Torok is happy to work with you before, during and after your event to help make it the success you want. He has experience as a speaker across North America. In addition he has successfully organized and produced conferences, seminars and special meetings.

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