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Promote Your Special Event
George Torok can help you promote your event to your members, associates and franchisees. Whatever you call your attendees George Torok can help you.

Help you promote your special event
Looking for ways to create a bigger impact and increase the attendance at your conference, special meeting or seminar? Call George Torok directly to discuss some ideas and of the ways he can help you.

A Few Ideas
When you send out news releases to the media George Torok can be available for media interviews to help promote your event.
Offer some of George's products or services as a special door prize or early registration bonus.
Place a link on your website to so your members can check out your speaker.
Reprint some of George's articles and tips in your newsletter or on your website
Ask George for mailing list names in your target market. He has a large database.
Ask George to call some key stakeholders before your event to prime them for the event. Or ask George to record a voice message that you can broadcast to all your members before the event.
Ask George to design a quiz or survey for your people that can be posted on your site. He can discuss the meaning of the results at your event and publish his findings on your site or in your publication.
Call and bounce ideas off George. The crazier the idea the more he likes it.

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Samples of George Torok Promoting Client Events

Contact, Canada's Sales & Marketing magazine
All Aboard!

Marketing guru, George Torok, hosted breakfast meeting on a VIA train. Anyone can hold a breakfast meeting to network, inspire and inform association members and staff. But on March 1 2000 the Canadian Professional Sales Association did one better. The CPSA held its breakfast meeting on a train - first class ,Via Rail no less.

Timmins Times
Future is ours for the Taking
Chamber of Commerce conference on Timmins in the New Millennium

George Torok, a motivational speaker went through various marketing techniques that business could take advantage of in order to succeed

Yukon News
Business & Finance: Have tongue will travel and succeed

Power Marketing...George Torok, a professional public speaker was in Whitehorse recently to give seminars in marketing. While on his first trip to Whitehorse he chose to do something to benefit the community. He set aside a day for one-on-one half-hour consulting sessions (with local business). Then he gave (all) the money to a worthwhile cause. Because reading, learning and growing have been such big parts of his life for the last 10 years he decided a literacy organization would be the perfect benefactor.

Your speaker should do more than just speak. Be sure to ask your speaker, "How will you help me promote this program to my participants?"

George Torok is prepared to help you make your program a success.

Contact George Torok now at 905-335-1997 or email