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Room Setup & AV Needs

You want your event to be a success. Small details in the room setup contribute to that success. From the hundreds of presentations George has delivered here are guidelines that work best for his presentations. Please note the request for a hand held micrphone.

Room Arrangements

If keynote after meal:
It is best to set chairs on one half of the table to allow all to see the speaker comfortably. If this is not possible that we suggest your MC announce before the speaker starts that anyone with their back to the speaker may want to turn their chairs to be more comfortable.

If keynote in auditorium and chairs are set theatre style:
Curve the rows of chairs. This makes it easier for those on the ends to see the stage plus it contributes to the energy and warmth in the room because the audience can see other faces. They feel like they belong to the group.

If workshop or seminar:
Set up classroom style chairs and tables. Chairs on one side so all face front. If using long and narrow rectangular tables, then cant the tables in a herring bone pattern for the same reasons as listed above for curving the rows for a keynote.

In general there is more energy in the room when it looks full. Be careful of setting too many chairs out. This is a common error. The problem is if you hope for 500, set chairs for 550 and only 480 show. That is a good turnout but you have 70 empty chairs sucking energy out of the room.

Depending on room shape and set up if more than 50 in the audience a raised floor is suggested. For an audience of more than 80 a raised floor is definitely needed for the speaker to be well seen. The stage should be positioned at the front of the room, centered left to right. Place a six-foot rectangular table on the stage behind the speaker. This is for props. Stage size of five feet deep by eight feet wide is a minimum. A lectern is not needed nor used.

Provide a hand held microphone, ( not a lapel mic).
The hand held mic may be wireless or with wire. If with wire please ensure enough wire to traverse the stage.

No need for projectors or screens.

Stage should be well lit and should be the brightest area of the room.

Have any further questions? Call George Torok at 905-335-1997

George Torok prefers to use a handheld microphone

George Torok prefers to use a handheld microphone