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Videos from George Torok, keynote speaker   Professional and passionate speaker

Videos from George Torok

View these videos from George Torok. Click the links under the videos to see even more videos. If you like what you see, you will love George in person.

Presentations - Action

Watch these video clips from live presentations to listen to his stories, insights and ideas. If you enjoy his controversial perspective, audience engagement and goofy humor you will love having him as a speaker for your event. Notice that George doesn't rely on PowerPoint. Instead he uses stories, voice and body language to dramatize the message.

Keynote Speech

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Presentations Training

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Tips - Insights

In these videos you can see and hear from George Torok as he offers tips and insights from his experience and expertise. Notice his animated presentation style. Listen to the practical tips he offers to listeners. Enjoy his simple approach and engaging style.


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Presentation Skills

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Creative Problem Solving

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Interviews - Conversations

How does George Torok come across in an interview? Watch these interviews to gain more insight into his experience and sometimes controversial perspective. If you are from the media and looking for a provocative and entertaining interview call George Torok. If you are arranging a conference and want George to appear on an experts' panel you are guaranteed to hear "Ah Ha" ideas and practical insights.

Full Potential

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George Torok Radio Show Host

George Torok has interviewed over 500 business and community leaders on the weekly radio show, Business in Motion. To add a memorable program to your event you can arrange for George Torok to interview one or more of your group leaders on stage. Click the link below to listen to some of the interviews on Business in Motion.

Radio show host, George Torok
Interview radio show host, George Torok
Radio show host & keynote speaker, George Torok

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If you like what you hear and see call George Torok at 905-335-1997

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Videos from George Torok